It’s About YOUR Benefits

What benefits do you seek? What are your needs?

Greg Githens has a simple mission, “I want to make an impact.” His approach starts with listening to your needs. His delivery focuses on pragmatism.

Greg provides value to clients (individuals and organizations) with thought leadership in these areas:

Strategy: Thinking Strategically, Making Strategy, Execution

Innovation: Product Innovation Management, Voice of the Customer, Diffusion of Change through Organizations

Program Management: Project Management, Strategic Alignment, Benefits Realization, Governance, Metrics

How does Greg make impact? Greg delivers benefits to clients:

  • Transferring knowledge through seminars and workshops.
  • Individual coaching
  • Facilitating groups
  • Sounding board for strategy
  • Objectively-assessing situations to diagnose opportunities for leverage and improvement
  • Key Note Speeches
  • As sounding board for strategic decisions and direction

Greg resides on Florida’s Suncoast, but delivers work globally. He has delivered value to clients on six continents. He has worked in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, government, services, high tech, and devices.

Greg is a long-time certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and was the first person in the world to be jointly certified as a PMP and a New Product Development Professional (NPDP). He is the co-author of Successful Project Management (Wiley) and dozens of professional articles. He is presently writing a book on Strategic Thinking.