Greg Githens brings subject matter expertise in strategic thinking and initiatives. Clients use Greg to facilitate discovery and diagnosis of performance gaps, prioritization of the portfolio of strategic initiatives, chartering, planning, metrics,governance, and execution. Greg focus on practical tools that fit the needs of the audience and the situation. Greg has a very strong background in strategy execution, and can provide high value add in the process of execution planning.

Greg also has considerable “training material” relevant to building knowledge, skill, and desire. Topics include strategic initiatives, strategic planning management (ABCDE), program/project management, risk management & decision making, issues/conflict mediation/resolution.


How Greg describes his facilitation style:

I practice “servant leadership” as a facilitator: my job is to lead by serving the needs of the client. I achieve this by using my judgment – built up over many years – about what the situation calls for. Sometimes I better serve by listening and scribing; and, sometimes I better serve by speaking up and directing people.

Strategy meetings can be difficult, for many reasons having to do with tools, personalities, priorities, and fuzzy objectives. As a facilitator, I work with the meeting managers to establish a clear set of meeting outcomes and build commitment of the participants to achieve those outcomes.

My clients describe me as warm, friendly,energetic, and with a sense of humor.

Strategy is hard work. It is hard because people have to work with squishy, difficult concepts like vision and risk and accountability. I am not afraid to embrace ambiguity, provide strategic thinking, and challenge the thinking of others.Clients hire me because they have serious business challenge and need help with results. I bring an executive presence and professionalism with me. I have worked with many hard-nosed managers – even bullies – and I keep a cool head under pressure.

If needed by the client, I can continue my professional support from strategy formulation through strategy execution.