How to Think Strategically & Apply Business Acumen

This workshop will be offered to the public several times in 2015, although dates are tentative. Locations will include Tampa (June), Orlando (October), Dallas, Dayton, and Washington.


This unique, cutting-edge seminar will help you work more effectively with strategic concepts. You will gain fresh perspective and practical tools:

  • Strategic thinking is an individual competency
  • What strategy is and isn’t (hint: it’s not goal setting)
  • How to recognize good (versus bad) strategy
  • How to identify (and generate) strategic insights
  • A practical understanding of business acumen and strategic acumen
  • How strategic thinking is different from strategic planning, and why you need to first master strategic thinking
  • Techniques for improving the collaboration of strategic thinkers into coherent strategy and then into a strategic plan document
  • A plan/roadmap for enhancing standard project management concepts into strategic thinking competencies
  • Your personal development plan

The course is facilitated as an interactive-learning experience, and includes video clips from popular movies that illustrate the principles of strategic thinking, strategy, and driving change through organizations.


Contact Greg Githens if you would like more information.